Why Rent?


Does anyone really think those shiny polyester rental ties and pocket squares from the tux shop look good?  Our ties and pocket squares are handcrafted from premium materials like linen, cotton, silk, and wool.  We are constantly updating our selection of men’s accessories every season, just like all the retailers do.  For us, the finishing touches aren’t just an afterthought, they are our focus.


Face it, will your groom or groomsmen wear that overpriced wedding tie ever again?  The chances are no, they will not.  Why not rent a great looking tie for the occasion at a fraction of the cost?  Just think of what you can do with the extra money you will save!  Get a better DJ, buy a couple more case of beer, or invite an extra guest or two.


All of our products are sourced and designed with the highest standards of quality in mind.  Not only do we have access to a portfolio of all the finest fabrics available.  We also handpick our suppliers and only choose those that exhibit traditional handcrafted old-world craftsmanship and finishing.


The majority of the products we rent are brand new, if not they are professionally dry cleaned, thoroughly inspected, and delivered ready to wear.  We also guarantee that none of our products will ever be rented more than 2-3 times, at that point we donate them to local charities.


We have one of the largest inventories of fine men’s accessories for rent on the internet.  Your order is guaranteed to be delivered to your door for free 18-21 days before your wedding day or special event.  With the delivery of every order, we provide you with pre-paid packaging for ease of return at no additional charge.  Renting wedding accessories has never been easier!