Our Mission

Hello and welcome to Tie & Pocket Square!

Tie & Pocket Square was created in the summer of 2015 to solve one major problem in the men's accessories industry today - the mass produced styles by the online megastores are unacceptable!  We will help you discover a world of accessories beyond last year's recycled fashion.  

We won’t ever try to please the masses, we will always target the refined tastes of the true modern gentleman.  Why? Because you deserve better.  Allow yourself to embrace plaids, solids, and striking florals in a variety of colors and premium materials.  You won't drown in a sea of thoughtless options, you'll find satisfaction in our refined handcrafted collection.

Our focus is to offer only the finest men’s accessories available at an affordable price.  Regardless of cost, all of our products are sourced and designed with the highest standards of quality in mind.  Not only do we have access to a portfolio of all the finest fabrics available.  We also handpick our suppliers and only choose those that exhibit traditional old-world craftsmanship and finishing.

What emerges is a product worthy of wearing our label.  Quality accessories that guys actually want to wear!

Best Regards,
Matthew Beasley, Founder