34 Men's Fashion Experts Reveal the Three Accessories They Can't Live Without!

Everyone knows the rush of confidence you get at the moment you put on that perfect outfit! Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and can't help but think there's something missing. It suddenly hits you, you totally forgot accessories and you immediately know your look isn't finished. But what do you add?

The good news is, the choices you have are endless. And to make it even easier I have gathered 34 Men's Style Influencers from across the world of fashion to answer one simple question:

"Which three men's accessories do you own that you simply cannot live without?"

The responses I received were amazing and will give you a real sense of what the current trends are in men's accessories today. I've listed all of them below.

Andrew Weitz

theweitzeffectStyle Consultant and Men's Style Expert in Beverly Hills, California. Andrew is also the Creative Director for TheWeitzEffect.com and @theweitzeffect on Instagram.


When it comes to key style pieces that I always rely on, I like to start with eyewear. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 12, so frames have always been a central part of my look. My Thom Browne Navy Blue frames with Gold Temples have become a regular pairing with most of my outfits from sporty to formal. They’re made beautifully and designed in a way that compliments my style.

Shoes vary from season to season, but my Navy Suede Bottega Veneta Chelsea Boots are always a go-to, whether I’m heading out to grab something for a client or for my day-to-day casual meetings.

Practicality comes into play with my regular timepiece, The Rolex Date Just II in stainless steel. Again, it goes with almost everything, and is such a classic piece in it’s ability to remain understated, while speaking to my lifestyle.

In general, the most important thing about these choices is how they make me feel, while complimenting my complex wardrobe and dynamic schedule. I’ve got to love the way it looks and it’s got to make me feel great.

George Laboda

atlasandmasonCo-Founder of Gents Lounge, Editor, and Style Influencer in Los Angeles, California. You can find him on Instagram at @atlasandmason.


I cannot leave home without my Linda Farrow sunglasses, Fulton & Roark Solid cologne, and my Movado watch. Also, I'm not sure if this is a mens's accessory but I never go anywhere without my S'well water bottle as well!

Joseph Clough (aka Joey London)

joeylondonstyleJoey is a fashion and travel influencer from London. You can keep up with his latest looks at @joeylondonstyle on Instagram.


To be fair I'm too fussy when it comes to accessorising, so I like to keep it simple!

My first go to is my card holder, I have an awesome Ted Baker one that has lasted me years, a good card holder is a good investment, something you need and use everyday!

My sunglasses are also something I always take with me, it's almost a comfort to have them with me all the time haha.

Finally my Michael Kors smartwatch! Just started getting into the whole watch thing and I've fallen for it! I'm also a sucker for technology so this watch is a win win for me!

Kevin Lavelle

mizzen+mainKevin is Founder and CEO of Mizzen+Main, the best of advanced performance fabrics with the refined look of traditional menswear. Check out their products on Instagram at @mizzenandmain.


Watch: I wear my Shinola most often but rotate in a Breitling or TAG Heuer.

Great shoes: a great pair of shoes is the most overlooked yet easy piece of a man’s wardrobe. Make sure they’re shined! My go to’s are Wolf & Shepherd or Allen Edmonds.

The right socks: whether no-shows or full socks, pick the right pair for the occasion.

Lando Griffin (aka The Suited Racer)

thesuitedracerThe Suited Racer is a fashion influencer, blogger, and motorcycle enthusiast in Miami, FL. He reviews suits and cafe racers frequently, find him on Instagram at @thesuitedracer.


The three accessories that I could not live without...

1) Sunglasses. The simplest accessory with the most amount of impact. Outside of protecting your eyes, they change your entire vibe.

2) Pocket Square. The accessory that most easily conveys you care about details. It's also a great tool to help a beautiful woman out of a spill or sneeze.

3) Pocket knife. Always comes in handy.

Brett Poschmann

theposhmanBrett is a style influencer and blogger from Toronto, Canada. Check in on his latest style and adventure on his Instagram account at @theposhman.


The three menswear accessories that I couldn't be without, hmmm.

If we're getting specific I'd say my blue silk knit dot tie. That thing is super versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

Number two would have to be my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Without my phone and the awesome camera I wouldn't be able to keep up with social media. Having such a high quality camera on your phone is a huge lifesaver when constantly creating content on the fly.

Last but not least I'd say my brown wingtip boots. Also extremely versatile pieces that can be worn with jeans, a suit etc. The ones I rock most are from Johnston and Murphy, they've got a memory foam insole that is super comfy.

Those are the three things I think are most important. Honorable mention goes to my Adidas Ultraboosts which are the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, they also look great with slim denim.

Jake Palmer and Jason Trinsey

oxfordandhenleyTogether Jake and Jason form Oxford and Henley. Two brothers and brand ambassadors providing style guidance for the everyday gentleman. If you aren't following them on Instagram yet, check them out at @oxfordandhenley.

For us the three men's accessories we could not do without are, a really functional tie probably in the navy color range, maybe with some small white dots. But nothing over bearing. This can be used in multiple outfits both in the office and in a more casual setting.

The second item is a fun pair of socks. Socks with a fun pattern or some bright colors are always a hit and start a conversation when someone sees them.

The third item is a watch. Minimalist or dressy it doesn't matter as long as it fits the outfit you are wearing and looks great.

And a bonus fourth item would be an awesome tie bar that shows off your personality.

Dennis Walter

kleidsamDennis is a personal style consultant and menswear aficionado in Germany. Take a peak at his style on his Instagram account at @kleidsam.

The three most loved accessories in my wardrobe are:

1. My collection of vintage cashmere ties. Every year come September, when days become shorter and the fabrics you choose to conquer the elements heavier, I am dusting off my collection of vintage cashmere ties I have gathered from ebay over the years. Ever since I started wearing ties on a regular basis, I have found my fondness has grown for these soft, fluffy versions of the classic ties. For me, they are the perfect choice to visually match what you feel inside: a need to cover you up to stay warm, dry and cozy.

2. My collection of watches. As with ties, the watch a man wears speaks volumes about his taste. I prefer wristwatches with a sleek, classic design, adorned with a nice leather strap. I don´t fancy particular colors or dial designs in that respect - for me, it´s all about the perfect balance between the lugs, the hands, the dial and indices

3. My collection of waistcoats. I happen to wear a lot of waistcoats on a daily basis - both in a 3 pc or "odd waistcoat" setting. The former adds a certain amount of gravitas to any suit, thus making it a very traditional, classic (in the very best sense of the meaning) choice, the latter allowing you to add some playfulness to your outfit by experimenting with colors, textures and designs. There´s even the extra bonus of disguising what might be considered a fashion faux-pas: if you´re into vintage ties, you´ll come to realize that they´re often cut quite short, thus ending halfway down your torso. Add a waistcoat to your outfit and no one will notice it, but rather compliment you on your style. Problem solved!

Alan See

seealanAlan See is the Co-Founder of The Armoury, Hong Kong’s go-to men’s haberdasher. To see all of his latest creations follow him on Instagram at @seealan.


3 accessories I can't live without:

Socks! I wear a lot of suits and can't imagine living without navy or charcoal socks. I remember Antonio Liverano sternly shaking his head when he saw me the first time around wearing a pair of red socks with my suit. Never been caught around him without a pair of navy or charcoal socks on ever since!

My wedding ring! Because my wife probably wouldn't let me live for very long without it!

My lapel chain! Because the keys to the menswear heaven, the armoury, are secured to the end of them!

Alessandro Manfredini

alessandro_manfrediniThis silver-haired, tattooed Italian born model has a sharp eye for style. If you're ready for a heavy dose of beard envy, become one of his ever growing number of followers on Instagram at @alessandro_manfredini

Talking about Alessandro Manfredini as a person and fashion icon through three men's accessories means speaking of vests, a satchel from the Second World War and his inseparable Red Wing Heritage 10 years old.

According to Alessandro, a vest is a wardrobe piece that allows him to be in a comfort zone everywhere; equipped with a pocket square or a fresh flower, this cloth becomes for him, the basis of outfits customizable in many different ways.

Finally, it is impossible to meet Alessandro without his vintage bag from an old street market, and his Red Wing Heritage that are an integral part of its identity as well as objects of great soulful value.

Ryan Williams (aka The Preppy Texan)

thepreppytexanThis bourbon drinking, sixth generation Texan, is an instant classic.  The history, folklore and style of the state has been ingrained in him since birth and shows through his Instagram page at @thepreppytexan.


Pocket Knife: I have carried two in the last 16 years. The first one I carried for 10. Always handy for a variety of reasons, and damn it if you ever need to get nasty in a knife fight, you'll be ready. I carry a Benchmade 710 McHenry and Williams edition. (Just remember to leave it in the truck when you head to the airport for a flight)

Watch: The older I get the more I realize it doesn't matter how much your watch costs, but it's how it makes you feel, or a purpose it serves. You can look at your phone for the time, that's easy...But a phone doesn't get you noticed; a nice sharp watch can start a conversation, or tell you your heart rate, or remind you of a goal you set for yourself to be able to get it.

Pinky Ring: I wear a small sterling silver signet style ring with the Eagle Scout logo. It gives me a strong sense of security, allows me to think fondly back on my scouting days, and I feel like it adds a dynamic to my look that is hard to achieve in any other way. Something about it to me just feels classic. Maybe one day I'll get a tigers eye ring like William B. Travis wore and gave to Angelina Dickinson at the Alamo.

Moti Ankari

motiankariBased in New York City, Moti is a style influencer, blogger, and Associate Fashion Editor at Bloomberg. Catch all the latest trends on his Instagram page at @motiankari.


Tomas Maier aviator sunnies- I love a classic silhouette. I carry my aviators everywhere I go mainly because they go with a dressed up or down look.

Omega watch- It's worth the investment.

Ankari Floruss Chelsea boots. I wear these guys every single day! again they can be dressed with a suit and tie or jeans and a leather jacket.

Greg Shugar

Greg ShugarFounder of The Tie Bar, Co-Founder of Thread Experiment, and small business consultant.  You can see all his bedding designed specifically for men on Instagram at @threadexperiment.


(1) Honestly, every time I buy new pocket squares from Tie & Pocket Square, I end up giving them away. So many guys I know wear their stuff (that I buy!) which is why I keep having to come back to their site to buy more. But I love the Tucker Blue Floral Pocket Square.  That is my most versatile, so I end up wearing it the most. It goes with all my jackets and so many of my shirts. I think I've bought it 3 times already (gave it away twice).

(2) My Wurkin Stiffs backpack is the coolest damn backpack I've ever owned. I use it when traveling or attending tradeshows and conferences. The details are so well done, everyone notices. I can't believe how many compliments I get on it. And it has brilliantly placed zipper pockets for everything from a cell phone, to an ipad to an umbrella.

(3) I love bracelets. I probably own 50 of them. But this one, now a year old at least, is the one I still wear more than any: (https://kieljamespatrick.com/collections/best-sellers/products/peter-wence). I'm not really a boat guy but it's just such a classic and its masculine design is perfect.

Craig Hammond

That Dapper ChapCraig is a London based award winning menswear blogger, brand ambassador, and online style influencer. Keep up with Craig on his blog or on Instagram at @that_dapper_chap.


The three accessories I could not live without are a bow tie, bracelets and a watch.

The bow tie takes a suit from ordinary to extraordinary, it has to be self tie and it has to be a great pattern, nothing garish, nothing 'clown like' but a pattern nonetheless.

Bracelets finish a look and add some interest and personality to your look, I tend to wear the elasticated kind made with semi-precious stones.

Lastly every gentleman needs a great watch, be it a simple Timex with changeable Nato bands or a classic gold watch with a soft leather strap. Function and style in one simple accessory.

Jason Andrew

Jason AndrewJason is a New York City based fashion influencer with impeccable style. If you're like me you can't wait to see what he posts next on his Instagram account at @_jasonandrew.

 Wayfarer styled Sunglasses. Many brands have taken the iconic Ray Ban design and have made modifications on the style. For that reason I have been an avid collector of Wayfarer styled sunglasses and it's variants from designers like Persol and RETROSUPERFUTURE.

Wristwear i.e watches, rings and bracelets. My father once gave me a gold ring and bracelet as a child. I've since collected many more and have even designed a few of my own. Lately, I have a taste for silver and David Yurman designs resonate.

Knitted silk and/or wool ties. I've grown to love texture and these ties are subtle yet rakish.

Aaron Wester

The Modern OtterAaron is a style, home, grooming, and travel blogger currently in New York City. You can follow him around the city through his Instagram account @themodernotter.


I’m a casual guy. I often trek around the city with a camera, multiple lenses and a computer, but most of the time I really only have three accessories on me: my watch, wallet and sunglasses. Less is more, in my book!

Jason Smith

Andre PhillipeJason is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of award winning clothier Andre’ Phillipe, Inc. in Dallas. You can check in on all their latest styles on their Instagram page @andrephillipeinc.

The three accessories I just couldn't live without would be my pocket squares, lapel flowers and my wedding ring.

I feel naked walking out of the house without a pocket square on. Whether it's a simple crisp clean lined white one like the rat pack or bold print puff fold, I have to wear one.

The lapel flower is a staple for me. My clients always compliment and comment on it. As popular as the lapel flower has become you will still stand out in a crowd.

My wedding ring...symbol of my love, my family and the reason I grind so hard. Number one "accessory" I have.

Matt Hartman

Matt HartmanMatt is a brand ambassador and style influencer in Chicago. You can find him and his ever growing number of Instagram followers at @runnineverlong.


The 3 accessories I can't 'live without' is not an easy question for me but I'll try my best.

My first accessory (boring answer) Glasses, I don't use them all day but when driving at night I need them.

My second accessory would be a wallet (another boring answer) at some point I'd like to go wallet free but I'm not there yet.

My third and final accessory is a toss up between a watch and belt...just depends on my mood I guess.

Curtis Newkirk

Curtis NewkirkCurtis is a tailor and "made to measure" specialist for Beckett & Robb in Salt Lake City. Take a peak at all his finely tailored creations on Instagram at @curtisanewkirk.


Three accessories that I couldn't live without are my Christian Kimber Tote bag, because it is unbelievably dope and it does everything I need in making my job easier for bringing things to and from the shop.

Second, polarised Persol sunglasses, I have worked in sunglasses in the past, and nothing even comes close to the style, fit, and quality of a pair of Persol sunnies.

Lastly, this is more of a tool than an accessory, but I couldn't do what I do without a Rowenta iron.

Karl-Edwin Guerre

Karl-Edwin GuerrePhotographer and fashion icon, Guerre is the epitome of nonchalant elegance. Experience his "Guerreisms" through the amazing images he posts on his Instagram page @guerreisms.


Right off the bat 3 must have pieces would be: a hat, jewelry, and a pen.

The hat for me is a trademark piece, something I've been wearing for the past 9 years, so to be without it, would just be unthinkable. The hat represents for me the end piece. The piece that's not a necessity, but a signature. Something that brings old school charm to modern times.

While I'm not big on jewelry, I am big on the right pieces. Pieces that have a meaning and tell a story that could be timeless. The watch, the ring and maybe bracelets in my opinion should all be testament to the road traveled and are as significant as battle scars.

The pen. While this for some wouldn't be considered an accessory. I think of it as an extension of the individual. In a time of texts and emails, nothing resonates like a hand written note. If a pen is used to write your thoughts... the tool should be just as special as the thoughts.

Ryan Rosenkilde

Ryan RosenkildeBased out of Orange County, CA, Ryan is a blogger, menswear & lifestyle influencer, and style contributor to One Upped Magazine. Catch a glimpse of his life through his Instagram account @brickandvine.

I wear a good watch every single day. It's a habit I started when I was younger and now I can't function through a day without a watch. I'm partial to a traditional timepiece as opposed to a smart watch myself and my collection is full of timepieces with brown leather straps--I can't get enough!

I have a collection of bracelets that I wear every day (opposite wrist of my watch). I have quite a few but usually opt for a mix of a metal one and a leather one. I think they polish off any look with a pop of personality.

I've been wearing a lot of denim jackets lately and I've been loving adding a pocket square to one of the chest pockets. It looks great and is a fun twist on a traditional pocket square in a suit jacket pocket.

Bilal Malik

Bilal MalikBilal is a style blogger located in Washington DC. His goal is to show people the fun side of dressing up which shines through in the images on his Instagram page @mr_bilalmalik.


Three men's accessories that I personally cannot live without are:

Pocket Square: A pocket square goes a long way when it comes to putting together and styling an outfit. I remember I used to sleep on pocket squares, but once I started incorporating them into my looks I realized what I was missing. Pocket squares can be very versatile depending on the print/pattern etc and can really bring out the "pop" or the "wow" factor in any outfit.

Watch: A good, clean watch is a must have as its usually one of the first things most people notice. I personally prefer clean/simplistic watches and I love playing with different strap colors that help tie in the whole outfit.

Socks: When it comes to socks, I am all about the fun prints. My favorite go to brands are @happysocks, @socksbyflamingo, @urbanoutfitters, etc just for the sheer fact that their prints are out of this world. It wasn't too long ago when socks used to be boring and consisted of basic colors, but now the game has changed, choosing good/fun pair of socks is just as essential as choosing the right tie.

Sherwood Forman

The King WoodsLocated in South Florida, Sherwood describes himself as being a "pretend adult" pretending to be a menswear influencer. I think the growing number of followers on his @thekingwoods Instagram page prove he's the real deal.

Pocket square: I guess that's cheating because that's not really one accessory as I have hundreds of them, but try to find me without a pocket square. Not gonna happen. We're not talking about the boring white pocket square that old dude wears to work every day either. I want lots of colors and patterns, I mean I got pocket squares with pink horses on them.

A go-to pair of shoes that look great no matter what the occasion. Take care of them. Get shoe trees. Clean them. Sleep with them (not while wearing them of course, just snuggle up next to them to let them know you care and you'll always be there for them.)

I try to keep this secret in my inner circle for the most part but screw it, people need to know this: SHIRT STAYS. You're probably asking yourself: @thekingwoods what the hell are shirt stays bruh? Well first stop being lazy and just google it. Second, they are amazing devices that keep your shirt tucked in perfectly. Unless you're wearing made to measure shirts every day, chances are you're gonna come across a shirt that poofs out a little at the waist. We ain't over here trying to look like slobs, so you get yourself some shirt stays. They're like the male equivalent of garters. Except not. People in the military use them so I guess that makes them pretty manly.

Adam Gonon

Adam GononAdam is a style influencer dedicated to inspiring men's fashion in New York, NY and beyond. The number of followers on his Instagram page @adamgonon have reached impressive levels with many more to come I'm sure.

The three men's accessories I simply could not live without are a watch with a dark brown leather strap, a pair of brown leather wingtip brogues, and a skinny tie of season-appropriate fabric.

The leather strapped watch is classically stylish and functional.

The brown leather wingtip brogues are a favorite of mine that look as good with a suit as with a pair of dark-wash jeans.

My final accessory that I could not live without is the skinny tie (2.5-2.75 ' to be specific). I wear wool ties in the colder months and linen and silk ties in warmer seasons. Whether I wear it underneath a blazer at the office or underneath a leather jacket on a night out, it's a detail that keeps me looking and feeling put together.

Christian Forbes

Christian ForbesChristian is a fashion influencer and blogger from Maryland with an intense love for ties, pocket squares, and comic books. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @gasketraynes.


It's hard to imagine living without all my ties or other accessories, but if he had to choose 3 that I absolutely couldn't live without...for instance if Emily Ratajkowski fell madly in love with me and was all like "Let's runaway together, BUT, you can only bring 3 accessories!!!" Then I would choose these three items:

The first item is a solid navy tie!!! Any one will do but I'm a big fan of the Oxford Navy Blue Pointed Knitted Tie from OTAA Australia.

Item number B is a pocket square! To be specific the Roy from Dashing Debonaire which is no longer being produced, it's my favorite.

And finally a belt!!! I didn't think I was gonna choose a belt, but I got this blue braided belt from The Tie Bar and I wear it with everything!...maybe I should have chosen underwear for one of my three? You know what! I'm sticking with my choices!!! Guess I'm going commando!

Nick Pinsker

Nick PinskerNick is a fashion influencer and brand ambassador in New York City, he projects a casual yet clean style. You can find him on Instagram at @thekingof5thave.


If I have to narrow it down to 3 accessories I own that I cannot live without.

First would be dental floss, I actually carry it around with me. It's a huge pet peeve when I have something in my teeth and I can't get it out.

Two would be hair spray. I have cowlicks all over my head and nothing holds better than hair spray. I'm a barbers worst nightmare.

Third would be a wristwatch. I'm always running around and being able to see what time it is 24/7 even if my phone dies is crucial.

Marquelle Turner

Marquelle TurnerMarquelle is a menswear buyer and fashion influencer currently in Doha, Qatar, he is also the creator and creative director of @thenewstereotype. You can also check in on his latest on Instagram at @marquelleturner.


Pocket square holder. This is important because it allows my pocket square to keep its shape while performing its function. As time has progressed, I've explored pocket rounds. Because of the way they are designed they easily fall out of my pocket but this allows me to maintain their original shape.

Wrist Candy. At all times, I'm wearing at least three things on my wrist. As odd as it sounds, even with a double breasted suit, double monk straps, and a tapered trouser, I can still feel quite naked without something on my wrist.

Portfolio-ish. Some type of medium leather good (MLG) is always helpful. I don't like bulges in my pockets because they disrupt a tailored silhouette. A portfolio or briefcase clears my pockets and hands for my wallet, cell phone, laptop, and meeting documents. I work on a team that's opening a new department store and we have several off-site meetings. It's important to have items to transport these items quickly and efficiently.

Greg Rainbird

Greg RainbirdThis style blogger and influencer deems himself British by birth and Canadian by choice. You need to be following him on Instagram at @iamrainbird, I have been since the beginning and I've seen his followers grow and grow.

Three accessories I cannot live without...Wow...Where do I start. At the beginning I guess!

I love wearing business casual looks so number one would have to be a tie...I class that as an accessory not a staple nowadays. Some of my favourite brands include Four Fifty Five and OTAA!

Second would have to be my watch...I take great pride in having a bunch of options, allowing me to match my strap with my belt and shoes...if that fails...Stainless steel. Some of my favourites are Daniel Wellington and Thomas Sabo.

Third would have to be my killer Moto Z phone from Motorola! It lets me capture all of my shots on the move with the hassleblad camera mod... and obviously keeps me connected all day long!

An honorable mention that I would like to slide in would be my vast array of tie clips! Functional AND dapper!

Gurj Sohanpal

Gurj SohanpalGurj is a blogger about all things travel, fashion, and lifestyle. All of which are also chronicled on his popular Instagram page @singhgentry. He is an adventurous, ambitious and motivated young man, with a touch of class.

My three menswear accessories that I can't live without are: Tie, Pocket Square, and Watch

These three alone are a basis for a well dressed gentleman. The tie represents that I mean business, the pocket square gives a flavour of my personality and mood, and my watch makes me timeless. All three lift any look from simplicity to sophistication.

Beau Hayhoe

Beau HayhoeBeau is a style influencer and blogger from Michigan. This former journalist is a fashion, PR, and menswear pro. See what he's up to at @beauhayhoe on Instagram or on his blog.


I've got a few pieces in my everyday carry that I can't live without -- headphones for my favorite music among them -- but a few pieces come to mind.

I wear a watch everyday, and I've got a rotation of several, usually a brown leather watch like the Timex x Red Wing Waterbury Chronograph.

I carry a slim wallet on me all the time, so my Scout Wallet from Andar Wallets is crucial.

And I recently got a beautiful brown leather messenger bag from Brothers Leather in my home state of Michigan -- it'll go with me everywhere this fall and winter.

And just for fun, I love to pull out a notebook when I have an evening meal, so my "Another Great Idea" Pen from Owen & Fred is essential. Tough to stop with just those picks!

Juan De La Rosa

The Dapper JuanJuan is a style influencer and fashion aficionado from Southern California. He believes that you don't have to spend thousands to look like a million. It's impossible not to be inspired by his posts on Instagram at @thedapperjuan.


Seasons come and seasons go, and with them plenty of desirable items, but there are a select few accessories that aren’t subject to the ever-changing tides of cyclical trends and seasons.

One of those accessories I must always have available and at hand, pun intended, is a wristwatch. There is nothing more elegant than checking the time on a wristwatch.

The second is the pocket square. Not only does it add a special touch to your outfit, but it also connects every man to a time when gentlemen were not just a thing of the past or seen in old movies. It's a reminder of a man’s true gentility.

And finally to tie it all together, see what I did there? The tie, because it is ultimately what gives every dapper guy an outlet to convey his current mood and or attitude. Whether you want to go bold or subtle, its your everyday status update without having to go social about it.

The Amateur Professional

The Amateur ProfessionalCasey is a Pennsylvania lawyer and style influencer.  He describes his look as "upscale business casual" and has used it to collect an army of followers on Instagram at @theamateurprofessional.


It's hard to pick just three accessories but I'd have to say my camo pocket square because it's versatile and fun, my octopus tentacle tie clip because it's attention-grabbing and my Martin Dingman French calf belt because it goes with literally everything.

Grant Michaels

Grant MichaelsGrant is a brand ambassador and video blogger from Pennsylvania. You can catch his latest on his YouTube channel or on his Instagram account @grant_michaels_.


I would say that the top three men's accessories that I must have are a watch because I am always wanting to know what time it is.

Also a great pair of shoes. I am constantly buying more shoes because well, I guess I'm a sneakerhead lol.

And lastly, a pocket square because they really spruce up my suits when I wear them.

Jon Wiebe

Jon WiebeJon is a style influencer, brand ambassador, and pastor from Vancouver, BC. His classic style can be seen on his Instagram account @theroadtodapper.


Stuck on a desert island with only three accessories? Let’s pray that doesn’t happen. But here are my go to’s:

1) A trusty pocket square. Now I should only pick one…but I can’t play favourites…so I'd take my three must haves.

2) My Medium watch. It has a clean design and goes with anything.

3) A belt from Mission Belt Co. Their belts are amazing and I love its black on black look.


A HUGE thank you to all the experts who contributed to this amazingly informative post. I hear countless men out there breathing a big sigh of relief because their job of accessorizing that perfect look just got a lot easier with all these great suggestions. Please share if you agree!

Now I pose the question to you, "which three accessories do you own that you couldn't live without?" Please leave your comments below.


Written by Matt Beasley, Founder of Tie & Pocket Square

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